Compression Apparel: A Quick Guide from 2XU

Dubai: Sleek and body-fitting outfits have become a favourite workout apparel of choice amongst sport enthusiasts. Regardless of the physical activity – running, cycling or hitting the gym – you’re bound to see people sporting the latest 2XU compression gear.

The concept of compression is not a new one; it has been used to medically treat poor blood flow for years. As compression gear is designed to increase pressure around a particular area of the body, it triggers an accelerated blood flow, delivering more oxygen to the specific area to ultimately enhance performance. More recently, as scientific evidence of the benefits of compression sportswear for recovery keeps increasing, growing demand has prompted 2XU – a premium sports brand – to create exclusive compression products.

Brendan Le Riche, who played wing for the Arabian Knights Rugby Club team, suggests wearing a targeted garment like the 2XU quad or arm sleeve to protect specific muscles. He also advocates the efficiency of recovery tights, saying: “they reduce muscle tightness thanks to a faster overnight recovery time, so you can bounce back straight into training the following day. They’re also ideal for injury rehabilitation.”

With marathon and triathlon season coming up in the UAE, more and more people are kicking their training regimes into touch to get themselves race-ready. Jade Cunningham, who took part in the Dubai Fitness Championship 2016 comments: “I wore the 2XU compression tights for the entire Dubai Fitness Championship and felt great. In addition to keeping my muscles fuelled to complete the workouts as well as helping me with my recovery, 2XU compression gear fits well and looks good.”

Made with materials with almost four times the endurance of regular elastane, 2XU compression clothing lasts a lot longer than ordinary sportswear, which can help to save you money in the long run. Jessica Olie, a yoga instructor, is also a fan of the elasticity of 2XU compression and she recommends using compression garments during yoga classes to support your muscles, while preventing strain and soreness.

Another advantage of 2XU compression wear is that it will keep you cool during workouts and has UPF50+ protection, blocking harmful UV rays during training. It also uses heightened circulation, while the spandex and nylon blends into a breathable pattern that effortlessly draws sweat from the body to cool you down.

Compression is not just for sporting activities; ‘compartmental compression’ can greatly help those with a long-haul flight ahead of them or even frequent flyers. Healthy circulation minimizes the main causes of jetlag, swelling in the legs, dehydration and delayed onset muscle soreness. So the next time you’re on a flight, be sure to slip on those 2XU compression socks!

2XU, a well-established sporting brand, adds more to the compression wear experience. High denier fabric with a circular knit construction provides graduated pressure for improved muscle coordination, with antibacterial and odour-resistant properties. In addition to the standard black compression garments, a whole range colour compression is also available, as well as a separate line of compression outfits for youth. To view their full range of products, visit

About 2XU:

2XU is a world leading technical performance sports apparel brand, setting the benchmark in high performance compression. Designed and tested in consultation with industry experts, all 2XU garments employ intelligent physiological design, cutting edge performance fabrics and construction. 2XU is worn by professional athletes from all disciplines across the world over including the majority of players in the NFL and NBA.

About Sport In Life:

Sport In Life is a leading importer and distributor of premium sports brands and equipment. Brands within the Sport In Life portfolio include Polar, 2XU, Newton Running, Body Glide, Aqualyte, GU Energy Gels, Nathan and Silverback Bicycles. Sport In Life supplies a network of over 50 retail stores and points of sale across the GCC countries. For further information, please visit or


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